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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Editor's Pick: Bauli Mini Croissants

To end my week, last Friday I tried a package of mini croissants, compliments of BauliI tried both the chocolate cream as well as the vanilla custard, and couldn't decide which flavor I enjoyed more. So I tried another of each, and another—lather, rinse, repeat—until both bags were gone. The results are in. It's a tie. 

The company, who makes Italian holiday cakes and pastries, recently launched in the U.S., introducing traditional Italian desserts with natural ingredients to the market. Their initial products include Il Panettone di Milano, an Italian Christmas bread with candied citron, lemon zest and raisins; Il Pandoro di Verona, Golden bread which is a star-shaped Christmas bread; and their Chocolate Cream and Vanilla Custard Croissants.

With the holiday season just around the corner, the company brings the Italian culinary experience to the seasonal products bring authenticity, heritage and tradition to family and friends gathered around the dinner (or dessert) table.