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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Editor's Pick: Little's Specialty Foods

It’s not hard to spot a customer’s longing for comfort food as the seasons change. The proof is in the grocery and specialty food store purchases: hearty vegetables, broths and stews, heavier meat and game choices, spices that bring depth to cooking. It’s all part of this comfort food kick that happens to be a result of changing weather. And let’s face it, is there a meal more substantial and hearty than chili? It’s the cover poster for the season, and Little’s Specialty Foods helps you turn the dial up on that subpar homemade chili you’ve been making for years—and in my case, saves me prep time and stress time.

A mild chili mix with a major kick of flavor, the Chili Pepper Chili Seasoning Mix is Little’s signature mix. Not too spicy, it uses the right blend of seasonings and a heap of chili peppers to really amplify the ingredients that have already become a staple of your chili—for me that’s ground turkey, white beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, red onion, tomato paste and a few others depending on the day of the week. Incorporate the mix, and it’s convenient, easy to prepare and ready in just 20 minutes—though you can imagine, the longer it stews the better.

If you like a red hot kick, the Chili Pepper Chili Hot Seasoning Mix was not created to set your mouth on fire, but instead provide a constant heat to your food. Little’s slow-releasing blend of spices was actually created for the Chili Pepper Chili & Dogs restaurant in 1994 using a balance of chili peppers and secret spices to transform ground beef, turkey or vegetarian dishes. Little’s is a family owned and operated company with a flagship product line of mixes established in 1980. All of their products are free from artificial ingredients, gluten, and contain no added MSG.