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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Editor's Pick: Jelly Belly's Jelly Bean Chocolate Dips

Jelly Belly has done nothing less than expand their family business over the course of more than four generation since 1869 and each confection and custom combination grows more complex each year. They are continually catching the attention of the public. In 2010 the company first introduced their chocolate covered Jelly beans. The six flavors offered include very cherry, orange, strawberry, coconut, raspberry, and mint.

Being a bigger fan of chocolate and peanut butter combination and not a fan of dark chocolate at all, I must admit, Jelly Belly has gotten my attention with this delightful confection. I didn’t have the pleasure of tasting the chocolate cover mint, but my absolute favorites are chocolate covered strawberry and chocolate covered raspberry.

Ultimately, Jelly Belly’s Jelly Bean
Chocolate Dips are the perfect way to satisfy any taste buds. Starting with a smooth chocolate taste giving way to a fruity thicker substance this creates the perfect little treat.