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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Editor’s Pick: Nola’s Fresh Foods Salsa Fresca

Hot or mild, chunky or smooth—I love salsa. I’ll eat the traditional way—with chips—or I’ll incorporate it into dishes that I’ll make. Nola’s Fresh Foods Salsa Fresca is my preferred type.

I recently opened up a fresh package (and it tastes just as fresh as the label claims) when I had friends over because someone was visiting Chicago. The five of us munched on what seemed like a seemingly bottomless container—weighing 22 ounces—and only stopped because we ran out of chips.

Being not overly hot and quite chunky, I was able to incorporate the remaining salsa into several meals over the next couple of days. For breakfast the next morning, I made a cheddar omelet with sliced avocado and the salsa spooned on top. It was the best Mexican breakfast I have ever enjoyed.  The onions in the salsa allowed me to skip the onions in the omelet, and the combination of ingredients made the dish delicious.

I left town for several days after that, but when I returned—a week later—I discovered I still had Nola’s Fresh Foods salsa left in my fridge. I was a little nervous to try it, anticipating that the quality had probably gone down, and was pleasantly surprised that it still tasted great, and added some much needed flavor to my salad.