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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Editor's Pick: WOATS Oatsnack

You know the snack is really good when everyone in your household is able to enjoy it with you. That is exactly what WOATS does for my household.
Sometimes my day can get pretty busy between school, work and caring for a little one. With a schedule that's that jam-packed, I don't always have time to stop and have meals that keep my energy levels up. Sometimes a convenient snack that I can carry with me everywhere I go will have to suffice, so I have to make sure it’s a good one. In the morning I like to fill a sandwich bag with WOATS for my daughter and myself so that we can enjoy our snack together throughout the day. We also love to enjoy them on some of our relaxing days, just because the flavors are so yummy.
WOATS came onto the snacking scene in December of 2003 thanks to Justin Anderson. This company has a mission to create some inspiring flavor combinations such as Cookies ’n’ Dream, Peanut Butter and Graham Slam and Nuts About Berries.