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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

FiggyPops Tart Cherry Fig Supersnacks

As the clock slowly ticked toward 3:27 p.m., I felt it it: the mid-day crash. Everyone knows it. Everyone dreads it. 
I started off the morning so energized, so motivated, so ready to tackle anything. The momentum was invigorating as I pushed one task after another off my to-do list. But somewhere around 3 p.m., I felt the energy begin to wane. My eyelids grew heavier the longer I stared at the computer screen, and my cognitive thinking process began to feel like hard physical labor. 
That's my cue, I thought. I reached for the bag of FiggyPops, an organic fruit and nut energy snack that was sent to me from the good people at Made in Nature. 
FiggyPops Tart Cherry Fig Supersnacks is the newest member of the Made in Nature family. The package boasts a burst of powerful energy-boosting ingredients that's packed into nutritious bite-size pieces. The best part is they are made with certified USDA organic, Non-GMO Project Verified ingredients and no refined sugar. That's important for today's consumers who are looking for a healthy but tasty alternative to the not-so-appetizing protein bar. 
About three pops is one serving, according to the 16-ounce package. That packs 4 grams of protein, 4 grams of fiber and 190 calories. Being bite-sized pieces, I doubted that three would hold me over for the 2 1/2 hours left of the workday (what seemed like an eternity). But, sure enough, by the time I bit into my third pop, I already felt my stomach sending the "full signal" to my brain. Not only was my tummy satisfied, but so were my taste buds. 
I'm a big fan of figs not only for their sweet taste but their powerful antioxidants. But these organic figs offer so much more: tart cherries, walnuts, cacao nibs and a splash of coconut. They are rolled together into soft, chewy fig balls that easily fit between your thumb and index finger, although I needed two bites to finish one pop. Tart cherries balance the sweet figs while the walnuts offer just a bit of crunch. 
According to the press release, FiggyPops Tart Cherry Fig Supersnacks provide enough fuel to supply snackers with a steady stream of energy that lasts until dinnertime. I can happily vouch for that claim, as I gradually felt my energy levels back on the rise within 15 minutes of my FiggPops snack. It carried me through to 5 p.m., and I was able to end my day just as strong as I started. 
As a consumer, I like the convenience of the pops, and I can see myself easily "popping" one in my mouth for a sweet energy burst before or after a workout. The packaging is also alluring with "FiggyPops" in big, bold red letters that practically jump out at you. Just above it sits the certified organic and Non-GMO labels, which prominently and proudly indicates the values of Made in Nature. Finally, the Ziplock bag easily reseals for moist, soft and delicious FiggyPops every day.