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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

San Francisco Salt Co.

My mom never used salt in her cooking when I was growing up. There's enough things added to our foods already, she would say. But, sure enough, as I became my own experimental chef in the comforts of my own kitchen, I quickly learned of the noticeable flavor enhancements that salt brings to the table. 
What I did not realize, however, is that there are different levels of salt. Until recently, my knowledge - and palate - was limited to the very modest wonders of Morton kosher salt. Just a pinch here and there from a big black carton; nothing frilly, nothing fancy, although I never realized I had a choice. 
Step in San Francisco Salt Co. Just the name alone makes me feel like an upscale chef catering to the culinary elite. The company sent me three samples to try out: Himalayan salt, French Grey and Sea Salt. While it's never even occurred to me to have more than one kind of salt on hand, now I wonder how I ever cooked without them. I also learned how professional chefs elicit the best flavor profile of every ingredient - it all depends on the salt! (Cue the fireworks)
Not only does each variety of salt I received offer its own taste and texture enhancements for any mundane dish, the jars themselves are beautiful and classy. Clear glass shakers allow the color differentiation of each salt to shine through, from pink to grey to pure white (the Black Hawaiian Salt was the first to catch my eye on the website, and it's sure to do the same for any customer walking down your aisle - you just can't look away once you've spotted it). The sleekness of the compass-like logo exudes a premium, high-end look, but the feel of the label itself is smooth and soft to the touch, gliding between my fingers, making me want to keep holding it in my hands once I pick it up. 
These are words I never thought I'd use to describe something as simple as salt, but the newly launched re-packaging makes me feel like an instant executive chef at my own restaurant. And I knew I was on to something when I checked out the website,, and saw the beautifully packaged jars included in a Gift Set of 3 for $34.99. Now that I can appreciate the finer points of salt and all its nuances, I can easily see myself gifting such a gift to friends who enjoy their time in the kitchen as much as I do. They may be somewhat puzzled at first, much like I was, but once you have a jar from San Francisco Salt Co. in your hands, it doesn't take long to become a salt snob. Soon enough, having any less than three different varieties of salt to choose from on a daily basis is simply unacceptable. (Proof of the salt snobbery)
The website, is an adventure in itself, with a Salt of the Earth blog that features every use of salt one could ever (or would ever) dare to think of. From exfoliation to soothing our bodies to curing flu symptoms, salt, as it turns out, is much more than just a spice, and every kind carries its own small miracle, whether it be taste, touch or feel. The possibilities - and the blog posts - are endless, so have a look for yourself. Although a salty company, these people are clearly passionate about what they do - go figure. Clearly, they are, indeed, "salt of the Earth" kind of folks.