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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Editor's Choice: KP's Specialty Spicy Trail Mix

For the majority of my childhood, I detested nuts. In fact, in elementary school, I was overheard telling a teacher that I had a peanut allergy. This lie cost me an entire playtime and earned a severe scolding from my mother. And while I can’t pinpoint the moment this aversion to nuts passed, I can say with certainty that the salty snack is currently one of my go-to afternoon treats. Therefore, I was highly pleased when KP’s Spicy Trail Mix — a combination of peanuts, almonds, cashews, sesame sticks, BBQ corn sticks and chocolate morsels covered in spicy goodness — arrived in the office (as were my colleagues; the nuts were wiped out quickly to say the least).

It’s not surprising that the trail mix incorporates a mildly, spicy kick. KP’s Specialty Pepper Product’s slogan is “Flavor & Heat in Harmony.” The tagline couldn’t be more accurate. The trail mix is spicy without being inedible. The heat adds to the flavor of the nuts and sweets without overpowering them. It’s also unsurprising that the line has been awarded multiple Scovie Awards for the past three years in both the nut and snacks-unique categories.

KP’s tins are compact enough to throw into a backpack and nibble on during summer hikes or throw in your purse in case your blood sugar drops. Moreover, the line offers a multitude of unique flavors including sweet and spicy peanuts. The company also produces a variety of spice blends to ensure steaks aren’t bland. For more information, or to purchase the products visit


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Editor's Choice: Almondina

I often feel that come 3 p.m., everyone needs a cookie or two to get through the rest of the work day. After a little sugar rush, that mounting to-do list doesn't seem quite as long, and deadlines seem just a bit more manageable than before. Today's 3 p.m. snack came in the form of chocolate-dipped Almondina biscuits, a thin hybrid of cookie and biscotti that contains a variety of nuts and raisins and comes dipped in rich dark chocolate. Not too sweet, Almondina biscuits provide just the right amount of chewiness and a little bit of crunch to make for a satisfying snack.

Based on his grandmother's storied recipe for petit gateau sec, owner Yuval Zaliouk began manufacturing the biscuits under his grandmother's name, Almondina. The product appeals to both snackers and the health-conscious; Almondina contains no preservatives, cholesterol, added fat or salt. And with only 30 calories per biscuit, I know I'll be having one more than mid-day cookie.

— Melody

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Editors Choice: Doti US Berry Allure

As anyone who reads our Editor’s Choices probably knows, I am rather fond of chocolate. With all the good research coming out about its benefits, especially dark chocolate, I feel vindicated. I do, however, also try to eat healthy, fruits and vegetables, etc., so our latest food package, was the perfect subject for me on several levels.

Berry Allure, chocolate covered delicacies, from Doti US Inc. ( consists of fruits and nuts covered in milk and dark chocolate. Over the course of the week, I went on a tasty tour. I first sampled the mix, which offers a natural pairing, smooth dark chocolate encases sweet, flavorful strawberries and chewy gooseberries. These are paired with milk chocolate semi-crunchy almonds for a delicious variety of tastes and textures.

Later in the week the single bag flavors beckoned, so I explored further. I was well rewarded. The dark chocolate coating opens to the sweet, fresh taste of pineapple. The apple surprises with a crunchy, not as sweet taste. Come to think of it, these fruits are often offered with chocolate fondues. The dark chocolate-covered plum was another treat, with a rich, full flavor.

Attractively packaged, these mixes and single fruits would be a nice host or hostess gift. I could also see them used as a dessert option. For retailers, they would be a great addition to a variety of gift baskets. I could also see them in your picnic and outdoor dining sections as a fun take-along option.


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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Editor's Choice: Stonehouse 27

Despite taking an Indian cooking class a couple years ago, I still reach for Grub Hub to place an order whenever I’m craving rich saag paneer, crispy dosas and tangy chicken tikka masala. It turns out I don’t always have to — I can reach for a jar of Stonehouse 27, which offers quality Indian flavors, and whip up dishes at home.

When a sampler box arrived at the office, I grabbed mild Cashews and Cream and medium Tomato and Chilies. At the grocery store I picked up blocks of tofu and garlic naan to serve alongside the basmati rice I always have in my pantry. I put the rice on to cook and fried the tofu while I heated the oven. Once the tofu was golden, I inverted the jars of sauce over two saucepans and placed the naan in the oven — dinner was ready in 20 minutes.

It couldn’t have been an easier dinner to make, and since each jar makes four servings, we had plenty leftover for work lunches this week. Our favorite was the Cashews and Cream, which is made with onions, garlic, paprika and cashews. Tomato and Chilies offered accents of earthy cinnamon.

But you don’t have to go the traditional route like I did. Stonehouse 27’s website offers easy recipes for its sauces, which also include Dates and Tamarind and Cilantro and Coconut. Try them as a pasta sauce, in nachos, or with mussels. Cook with veggies and top with an egg. Use as a marinade. The sauces are incredibly versatile, and one jar can go a long way.

Founder Sharon Fernandes, who grew up in India, wanted to bring a healthier edge to Indian cooking. The sauces are made with fresh herbs and produce, agave nectar instead of sugar and have no added salt. Finally, Indian food without the guilt — and in less time that it would take for your delivery to arrive.

— Amy

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Editor's Choice: Dr. Lucy's Gluten Free Cookies

I am decidedly not a health nut. My kitchen cupboards are currently brimming with an assortment of Girl Scout Thin Mints, Jelly Belly jellybeans, Cadbury Cream Eggs (i.e. the remnants of Easter) and Cool Ranch Doritos. On top of which, I’m notorious for baking Snicker Doodle Cookies and following the Sprinkles Cupcake truck on Twitter. (Needless to say, my gym membership is a remarkably wise investment towards maintaining a waist). However, I have recently noticed a trend in the gourmet snack market. While there is still an assortment of gluttonous munchies, healthy alternatives are becoming more and more frequent. Traditionally, this wouldn’t appeal to me. After all, if I want a healthy snack (i.e. something I view as flavorless) I’ll nibble on celery sticks. But, Lucy’s Gluten Free Cookies recently changed my option.
Dr. Lucy Gibney started the bakery as a way to create a flavorful, modified diet for her child — who has a number of food allergies. In order to do so, she has three key standards consumers can count on. The company only buys raw materials from carefully selected producers, thus reducing or eliminating the chance for allergen contact before use of the ingredients. The company uses the best available methods to ensure there are no detectable allergens from their testing list: gluten, milk, eggs, peanuts and almonds. And, tree nuts and peanuts aren’t allowed in the baking facility or even the building.
And, while it’s great that these tasty snacks are the perfect after school snack for children with allergies, why should you buy them? The answer is simple. They are delicious. There are four flavors within the brand: sugar, chocolate chip, cinnamon thin and oatmeal cookies. I’ve tasted both the chocolate chip and the cinnamon thin varieties. Surprisingly, in flavor, they rival anything I’d bake myself or even sweets I’ve noshed on at Chicago’s best bakeries. So, maybe this is my first step towards healthy eating. At bare minimum, I can replace those thin mints with something that won’t make me so thick!