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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Editor's Choice: Aunt Sally's Pralines

While walking the All-Candy Expo last week, a familiar logo greeted me. Just the sight of Aunt Sally’s Pralines,( brought back fond memories of my several trips to New Orleans. There were an assortment of pralines set out for tasting, but at that point I had already over-sampled—an occupational hazard at the show. The gentleman at the booth offered us several samples to enjoy later. Among them, I was especially intrigued with the Café Au Lait praline, a fitting name since the Aunt Sally’s Shop is located just down the street from the famous Café Du Monde.

On Saturday, having not had mounds of sweets for several days, I tasted my special find. The first thing you notice as you unwrap the wrapper is the inviting scent—sweet and homey. And then you take the first bite and get that great creamy, fresh taste. This is followed by the chewy crunch of the pecans. It’s like a Mardi Gras for your taste buds. And with the holiday buying season coming, I could see it as a great stocking stuffer. All in all, a great treat from down South. I can’t wait to taste the other flavors.