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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Editor's Choice: Leifheit International USA

I've been told by many health care professionals lately that I need to drink more water, and I've been trying, I swear, I just hate having to get up from my desk to go refill my bottle/cup/mug. Either I keep putting it off, or I get distracted doing something else and all of the sudden the whole day has gone by and I'm no closer to that refill. Well, much to my delight (not to mention the delight of health care professionals across the greater Chicagoland area), I have found a solution to my problems. A bright, colorful, charming solution.

Leifheit International recently introduced a lovely line of insulated carafes in bold colors like deep cranberry, denim dark blue and translucent lime green, as well as simple black and white, and a classy chrome. A couple of weeks ago, a plump little lime green carafe arrived at the office (thanks, Lynn!) and now sits on my desk all day long, full of ice water and at my disposal. All Leifheit vacuum carafes are made with high-quality materials and double-wall, glass-lined construction that keeps one liter (8 cups) of liquid hot or cold for 12 hours -- so the ice water I fill it up with in the morning is still cold and refreshing as the afternoon drags on.

Functional, handy, attractive (dare I say cute?), the Columbus carafes from Leifheit have it all. Check them out at