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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Editor's Choice: Julia Knight

The past few weekends I’ve been waking up early to help my mom in her garden. With an acute eye for color and a vast knowledge of plant life (she worked at a local greenhouse as a preteen all the way through high school), my mom possesses a natural talent and green thumb that I envy, to say the least.

This year, my mom’s chosen a color palette of flowers that was oddly familiar to me, and I finally made the connection. Her peonies, impatiens and lilacs are reminiscent of the creations of one of my favorite tabletop exhibitors at the home and gift shows: Julia Knight.

Julia Knight makes elegant tableware with shapes and colors inspired by nature. The company’s serving pieces are made of high-grade, food-safe, sand-cast aluminum that is hand-painted with enamel mixed with crushed mother-of-pearl. The result is a collection of iridescent, one-of-a-kind pieces that are brilliantly colored and very well made.

I first discovered Julia Knight at a show two years ago in Atlanta; Julia Knight herself welcomed me into her gorgeous booth with a smile and eagerly told me all about her company and where she draws inspiration for her designs. I told her I had never seen tabletop quite like hers, and she explained that the secret was in the organic shapes and colors she uses. Julia’s striking hibiscus flower dishes were certainly the talk of the aisle, and since then, she has developed an array of collections inspired by seashells, fall leaves and more (visit to see her collections).

Julia’s personal motto is to incorporate beauty into everyday life and to share it with friends and family. Both you and your customers will appreciate the special touches that her designs add to the table.