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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Editor's Choice: Jessie Steele

Forget about cooking. The kitchen was really made to be a runway, and Jessie Steele is the Christian Dior of kitchen couture. The perfectly pretty patterns and vintage-inspired silhouettes make the company’s aprons a must for every fashionista foodie.

Girly aprons are not a new trend for kitchen accessories, but Jessie Steele takes the design one step further with details I’ve never seen anywhere else. The new fall 2009 catalog includes a black and white houndstooth bib apron with black buttons down the front and on the pockets for a lady-like, 50s housewife-inspired ensemble. Other fun prints include cupcakes (adorable), Summer Lemons (so cheerful) and CafĂ© Toile (tres chic). The company’s chef aprons are less about fashion, but still don’t lack in the design department. The prints in this line range from flames and skulls to poppy field and damask. I adore the children’s aprons and can envision moms teaching their little girls how to whip up the perfect homemade apple pie in matching Jessie Steele bib or half aprons.

The wonderful thing about the aprons is that, no they won’t make a piecrust perfect, but they will make slaving over the stove more stylish. The aprons would make great additions to a store’s holiday merchandise. Year after year, foodies get cookbooks and slow cookers, but a Jessie Steele apron under the tree is a gift that is immediately opened and used Christmas morning. The giddy excitement lasts, too, because these aprons are durable enough to use every day.

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