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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Editor's Choice: Stephen's Farmhouse Jam

My morning routine has not changed in years. Mini bagel, toasted, with peanut butter and a large cup of coffee. OK, two cups of coffee. A little more than a month ago I received a sample of Stephen’s Farmhouse Peach Cobbler Jam and promptly brought it home and let it sit in a cabinet for weeks.

One morning, frantic that I was out of my much-needed peanut butter, I reached for the Peach Cobbler Jam as an alternative. The sweetness of the jam was delightful and I was pleasantly surprised to see that within the smooth texture were chunks of actual peaches. At one point I dipped a spoon into the jar and pulled out half a peach. I’ve never liked the juiciness of an actual peach (way too messy for my liking), so the Peach Cobbler delivered a surprising amount of flavor in a smooth, naturally sweet jam with pieces of the fruit not-too-messy to enjoy.

I’m happy to report that Stephen’s Farmhouse jams are all homemade; something I should have been able to guess by looking at the simple jar. The jam looks like it came from a roadside farm stand. The company’s website,, says the peaches are locally grown and organic. The company also explains that its jams share qualities with preserves because the jams have lots of fruit.

Jam and jelly flavors available include fig, pear, pomegranate, pepper jelly, kiwi jalapeno, pear with cinnamon, strawberry rhubarb, quince and many others. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Stephen’s Farmhouse happily takes requests for its jams and jellies so you get exactly what you want. The jams and jellies the jams are sold exclusively through the Bella's Confections website, They will be selling the jams in sets of three for $19.95.