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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Editor's Choice: Seattle Chocolates

As anyone who’s ever walked a food show with me knows, when someone mentions sampling chocolate, I’m there. So when the opportunity to sample J.Truffles from Seattle Chocolate came, I was more than ready. Visually, the truffles are cool-looking. They look like little pyramids—sort of little chocolate architectural wonders, complete with different designs on each one.

So much for visuals, it was time to go exploring, so to speak. Fortunately, the truffles came with a photo sheet telling what was inside each one. Always a good thing, in case there’s something, in my case coconut, you don’t want mixed in with your chocolate.

I have developed a real fondness for dark chocolate over the last few years, so my first pick was the Magma 65 Dark. Besides looking good, the taste of the dark chocolate shell blending with the dark chocolate ganache was sensational. It’s the “signature truffle” of the line for good reason.

Later in the day, it was time for another visit to the “pyramids.” This time the choice was a Cherry Praline. Labeled as a “new American classic,” it was almost my civic duty. Again a winner. The rich taste of cherries, combined with pecans in dark chocolate ganache—what’s not to like?

Actually, I think probably everything in the line, which also includes Crème Brulee, Pure Vida Café and Savory Hazelnut, is a delicious treat. And since I’m all for “bread and circuses” I think the presentation of the architectural gems make them a fun gift as well.

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