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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Editor's Choice: Don Francisco

“Is this normal coffee?” my roommate asked while we watched Season 2 of Lost one Sunday morning. “Well,” I said, “it’s Don Francisco organic coffee.” “It’s really good,” she replied. “There’s a hint of chocolate.” Coming from someone who drinks coffee once a month and gourmet coffee never, I think that’s quite a complement to the beans.

The Don Francisco I brewed that morning was delicious, full of flavor but subtle nonetheless. Its fullness is noticeable by those (i.e. my roommate who prefers tea) who aren’t coffee-crazed, and it’s appreciated by some (i.e. me) who consider themselves slightly more informed about the coffee bean.

What’s more, the certification Don Francisco undergoes includes a thorough inspection of the bean plantation. The soil, the trees, the berries, they’re all evaluated to ensure that each farm that provides the beans are truly organic. In fact, each farm must practice organic farming for three years before becoming certified.

Don Francesco offers USDA-certified organic coffee in French Roast and Mayan Blend. For more information, visit

- Mary