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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Editor’s Choice: Choclatique

“So cute.” That was my first reaction to the latest arrival in the office. It was a package of candies from Choclatique ( that are shaped like three-tiered wedding cakes and cake slices. The wedding cake is even decorated with a flower on the top. They are both made out of white chocolate, which is pretty appropriate.

After taking one out of the two-pack box, I planned my strategy. Start at the top. Taking a first bite of the top layer, I was rewarded with a strawberry-and-cream filling, very much like what you’d find in a wedding cake. It was sweet, but not overly — well, it is candy.

Munching down to the last tier, I got another sweet surprise: a golden toffee-like filling. Again, not too sweet. Incidentally, my colleague Ashley tried the cake slice and reported that it too is filled with the strawberry and cream.

I could see these used as wedding favors for the big day or placed on a sweet table. And looking at them, they are also the perfect size to use at a doll play wedding.

All in all, the wedding cake was quite a treat. Congratulations to all involved.