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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Editor's Choice: Sahale Snacks

Ever since I was allowed to have a little coffee (with lots of milk) as a kid, I have loved the taste of coffee. Actually looking back, maybe that was my first latte. For me, there’s nothing better than coffee after a meal or as a midday treat (especially surrounded by a charming cafĂ©). And maybe a cookie or two served with it to complete the picture.

So I was happy to try one of our latest arrivals, Sahale Snacks Almond Vanilla Latte Biscotti Crisps ( The crisps are thin like a cookie or cracker. They have a rich vanilla taste, along with a nice crunch from both the crisp and almonds. And, of course, they offer the great taste of coffee. It was like having a latte without the cup. The crisps would, of course, be great with a cup of coffee, tea, with ice cream or even with a glass of wine.

And bonus points—it turns out they are made from whole grains, so they are actually healthy. The crisps are also offered in Cranberry Pecan, Pomegranate Cashew and Banana Walnut Chocolate. All sound good just on their own or maybe even with cheese.

They are packaged in a 5.5-oz. resealable bag.