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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Editor’s Choice: Marley Coffee

I have a confession. Few people in my professional life know about this, but I’m prepared to let it out.

I have a small percentage of hippie running through my blood.

Yes, despite my unassuming external appearance (which I suppose is fairly conservative), there are peace-loving, crunchy-granola-consuming, hemp-wearing, jam-band-loving aspects of my personality that I’ve done my best to abandon since college. (Although, I admit, these traits do occasionally resurface, particularly if I’m at a concert. If you ever witness them in person, don’t judge me.)

So, I was thrilled, as you can imagine, when I received samples of Marley Coffee.

Marley Coffee?! Yes! Named for the idol of all hippie worshippers, the legendary, iconic Rastafarian, Bob Marley.

The company, founded by Marley’s son Rohan, offers single-origin and blended coffees that are inspired by the aromas and memories he has of the Marley Estate in the Blue Mountains in Jamaica. The coffees are ingeniously named after familiar Bob Marley tunes; flavors include One Love, Simmer Down, Lively Up!, Mystic Morning and Jammin Java.

All in all, Marley Coffee will be appealing to all your customers, whether they are closet hippies who disguise themselves as coffee snobs or whether they sport dreadlocks for all to see.