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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Editor's Choice: St. Lucia Bread Company

They say that bread is the staff of life. It’s certainly been true in my family where I grew up appreciating a great slice or two of bread. So I was a happy camper when several loaves of bread arrived at the office a few months back. The bread from the St. Lucia Bread Company ( has all natural ingredients with no preservatives and they recommend keeping it in the freezer. You take it out two hours before you serve it.

I recently tried the Berry Blueberry Bread with Walnuts. The first thing you notice as you open the bag is the great scent. The bread has a full rich taste. The blueberries are just sweet enough and accented nicely with the crunch of the walnuts — a great combination. I first tried the bread along side some soup. Then again with some peanut butter spread on it. The third tasting, open face with a slice of baked ham, was my favorite. It was a good combination of the salty and sweet tastes. The bread would, of course, be great with a cup of tea. Or I could see it served with some cheeses.

The bread comes in a variety of flavors including: Apple Cinnamon Nut Bread, Pear Bread with Walnuts, Banana Nut Bread and others. The company is based in Texas and the breads come in a commemorative Texas Flag Tin that is reusable. This also makes them great gifts.