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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Editor's Choice: The San Francisco Chocolate Factory

Of late, like a lot of other people, I’ve been choosing to eat dark chocolate. I enjoy the taste and also like the idea that it has some health benefits. But every once in a while, the six-year old in me wants the taste of milk chocolate. Yesterday was one of those occasions.

While at a gift show, after sampling some dark chocolate pieces, a charming spotted cow package caught my eye. It was a small bar of Got Milk? Chocolate made by The San Francisco Chocolate Factory ( The rep told me that the company has a licensing agreement with the well-known advertising campaign. Never one to turn down chocolate, I took a bar home with me.

It was last night’s dessert. I had forgotten how creamy milk chocolate can be. This was a bit sweet, with hints of vanilla and a great melt-in-your mouth feeling. It does, of course, have milk in it so there is some calcium value.

The company also has several gift sets, syrup, cookies and chocolate-flavored straws. And it is also the company that makes the Wine Lover’s Chocolates, a collection of chocolates that pair with various wines.

Not sure what pairs with this milk chocolate bar, but both the six-year-old and adult in me were very pleased.