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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Scandinavian Company, Simpli, Releases Oat Based Products in the U.S.

The newly launched Simpli brand is bringing a new line of natural, GMO-free oat-based products to the US from Scandinavia. The first two products are OatShakes (an oat-based beverage) and Gluten-Free Instant Apricot Oatmeal. Simpli’s Gluten Free Instant Apricot Oatmeal combines the world’s most flavorful whole grain oats and delicately dried apricots into a tummy-warming breakfast treat. Low in fat, with zero cholesterol, additives or preservatives it deliciously adds much-needed fiber to gluten-free diets. Inspected prior to planting, the seedlings are also inspected by hand twice in the growing season to prevent contamination by other grains. The mature oats are then sustainably harvested, dried, stored, transported and cleaned, shelled and thinly rolled in carefully cleaned and inspected facilities, insuring that they are free of exposure to other grains. Because Finland’s growing season is short, its oats are more intensely flavored than any others. What’s more exciting is their line of Simpli OatShakes – an oat-based beverage that’s dairy and GMO-free. Perfect for in between meals, kids’ lunch boxes and on-the-go snacking.

The idea for Simpli started in 2008, when US émigrés and Simpli co-founders Helena Lumme and Mika Manninen were visiting their native Finland and tasted their first oat-based smoothie. They realized Finland’s intensely flavored oats were the perfect foundation for a line of products and Simpli was born. Helena and Mika have supervised every aspect of Simpli’s development from the clever package design to production.