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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Editor's Choice: Ovation

For many people, a bite of chocolate after lunch or dinner isn’t just a treat—it’s a necessity. Small and sweet Ovation sticks fit the bill. Available in mint, orange, Irish cream or cappuccino, the sticks are a great way for customers to have a chocolaty bite after a meal.

The cappuccino offers a light hint of coffee flavor, which comes from real coffee beans. It isn’t overwhelming, so those who don’t love coffee won’t be turned away. The sticks come individually wrapped with 40 to a 4.4-ounce box. The kosher chocolate can be served with ice cream or coffee, and are great just on their own.

Ovation sticks, made by SweetWorks, check in at just 15 calories per stick, so customers won’t have to worry about ruining their diets.