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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Editor's Choice: Biscottea Inc.

For me, there’s always been something special about shortbread cookies. The rich, buttery taste and melt-in-your mouth texture make them perfect comfort food. But the latest treat to arrive in the office, takes a favorite cookie to a whole new level.

The box contained Biscottea (, shortbread squares that are made with tea. The tea adds another level of flavor to a delicious cookie. The taste is subtle, but definitely there. The Mint Tea, made with organic Spearmint Tea and Peppermint Tea, is refreshing and the Blueberry has a nice sweet taste of the fruit, Shortbreads are baked with organic teas and all natural ingredients. So you don’t have to feel so guilty. Other flavors include Earl Grey, Rooibos  (Red Tea) and Chai Tea. The squares, which are wrapped individually, became an office favorite and have gone quickly.

But the shipping box held another taste adventure. The same company also makes Bis-Cof-fee Shortbread ( Just as the name implies, they are shortbread squares baked with organic coffee. I love the smell of coffee and these squares, especially my favorite, the Espresso, reward you with that great smell when you open the package. Inside the coffee taste blends perfectly with the shortbread. Other flavors are Cappuccino and Mocha. These haven’t gone as quickly, and for that, I am grateful.

Both the tea and coffee squares are available in a 16-ounce box of 24 assorted individually wrapped squares. The boxes would be great as a gift or I could see them opened for sampling in a store.
They are also are available in 5 ounce single flavor boxes.