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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Editor's Choice-Epicurean Organics

I am a huge proponent of the home cooked meal. After all, what kind of gourmet blogger would I be otherwise. However, in today’s hectic and frantic environment — who has time to chop vegetables and sauté fresh herbs. Thankful, lines such as Epicurean Organics from Mountain Rose Herbs ( take the guesswork out of selecting proper seasonings. Recently the company sent a variety of their products to our offices and I was delighted with the result.

Mountain Rose Herbs is committed to providing exceptional quality culinary ingredients that even the most discerning epicurean will applaud. The bold flavors, rich colors, penetrating aromas and nutrients found within whole organic botanicals inspired the creation of the Epicurean Organics collection. I was immediately drawn to the Garlic Pepper seasoning. My favorite thing about this is that nearly every dish I create has a combination of salt, pepper and garlic. It’s so diverse and definitely necessary to prevent bland proteins. One addition reason I loved this product was the balance within it. Oftentimes, garlic can be insanely overbearing. Moreover, I have a bit of a salty palette. The combination of these ingredients solves both problems.

Other products within the line include the all purpose seasoning, Cajun spice, Caribbean blend, celery salt, chili powder, Chinese 5 Spice blend, curry, garam marsala, grilling herbs, Herbs de Provence, Italian seasoning, lemon pepper, Mediterranean seasoning, Mexican seasoning, pumpkin pie spice, Thai curry blend and the West Indies blend.