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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Editor's Choice-Rossi Pasta

When I was growing up, every Friday night was pizza night. This often followed the fanfare and whimsy of high school football games or preceded preadolescent slumber parties. And, while Friday night football games and slumber parties have long since disappeared from my life — pizza night remains. It’s a tradition my husband and I greatly enjoy, seeking to discover the best-prepared pies in the city. However, last Friday I stepped outside my comfort zone and used a mix from Rossi Pasta to create a homemade pizza.

The dough comes in single serving packaging and is available in a variety of flavors. While I swiped the Spinach, Whole Wheat and Plain crust — I decided to play it safe and constructed a sausage and cheese pizza on plain crust. The dough was easy to prepare by adding salt, sugar, water and olive oil. Moreover, the entire pizza only took about 30 minutes to create (which is much faster than any delivery you can get in the big city)! I also used Rossi Pasta’s Pizza Sauce. The sauce complimented the crust well with robust flavors. All-in-all, it was a good and convenient Friday night meal.

Rossi Pasta offers a variety of pizza dough, pizza sauces, pastas and pasta sauces. The line would be a great addition to your shelves or as a themed gift basket alongside a block of cheese, olive oil and a bottle of wine. I can see Rossi Pasta becoming a permanent fixture for Friday night dinner. It’s certainly found a permanent place in my cooking rotation.