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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Editor's Choice: Salem Baking Company

One of the best things about spring cleaning is the discovery of things that for one reason or another you forgot you have. It makes for some happy finds. I have to admit that’s how I discovered this week’s choice. It had arrived earlier in the year and I stashed it away in a food cabinet for later enjoyment. Last Saturday was that day.

The airtight canister of the Salem Baking Company’s ( Cranberry Orange Moravian Cookies had kept the cookies crisp. I’ve had the cookies before, and once again was delighted by their crispness and rich flavor. The cookies offer the taste of lightly sweetened cranberries highlighted with the fresh flavor of Valencia oranges.

Despite their thinness, the cookies are filling and satisfying. They are perfect for an afternoon break. I could also see the cookies served with coffee for a great ending to dinner---or maybe along with ice cream.

For retailers, the cookies would be fine for inclusion in a variety of gift baskets. They would also make some for tasty sampling.