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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Editor's Choice: Nancy’s Hudson Valley Camembert

Dear, sweet merciful cheese gods, thank you for giving me Nancy’s Hudson Valley Camembert. I have never loved a cheese so much in my whole cheese-loving life. I doubt I ever will. 

I have been running into Nancy's Camembert for a few years now on discerning cheese plates around Chicago, and indeed, the country. When the cheese arrives on a cheese plate, first I say a quick and silent prayers of thanks to the gods of cheese, and then I let my fellow diners know that they can have a small taste of the cheese, but I shall be taking the lion's share. I also renounce my claim to all other cheeses on the plate, so this doesn't seem grossly unfair. It is not. I am the winner in this situation. I GET THE CAMEMBERT!

The the 2-pound wheel of a lush and creamy soft-ripened cheese has a subtle nutty flavor with just enough good cheese ripened stink to make me, literally, weak in the knees when it hits my palate. Sheep's milk cheese is one of my favorites being versatile and flavorful without being overwhelming. There are so many varieties, but why try a single other one when you can have this one. I don't know. Can someone explain it to me?