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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Editor’s Choice: The Funny Apron Company

There were lots of laughs at my house this week when a package arrived from The Funny Apron Company bearing an apron with the slogan, “Mr. Good Lookin’ is Cookin’.” The red “flaming” letters really popped out of the black background to leave no doubt who was in charge of the barbeque. Both my husband and my son immediately sparred on who would take possession of this flashy titled cover up once the summer grilling season starts!

Ellice Lovelady, president of the Funny Apron Company, has an interesting background. She started her company in 1996 as an offshoot vanity project stemming from her primary career as a freelance creative director and copywriter in the greeting card industry, having worked for many of the top-name companies. She took away the lesson that you have to gear your products to the right demographic and this is reflected in her large and creative line of humorous aprons, with “Mr. Good Lookin’” being the number one best seller.

Not only is the apron fun to wear, but it’s one size fits all and made of a sturdy, generous cut 65/35 poly cotton twill. Many designs are available. I can’t wait for barbeque season to start to see my two handsome men try it out.