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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Editor’s Choice: Anette’s Chocolates

I was extremely lucky to get a wonderful assortment of dessert toppings to sample from Anette’s Chocolate Factory. A family run business, it has been a local institution for over twenty years. According to Mary Stornetta, director of sales and marketing, “We have a terrific line up of dessert toppings which are made in small batches in copper kettles. Since we are located in the Napa Valley, we make a Chocolate Cabernet Wine Sauce, Chocolate Port Wine Sauce and a Merlot Fudge.  Our Chocolate Cabernet Wine Sauce came about after patrons swooned over our cabernet chocolate truffles. In addition to these sauces, we also make a Chocolate Raspberry Liqueur Sauce, Chocolate Amaretto Liqueur Sauce, Belgian Brandy Sauce and a Caramel Brandy Sauce. These dessert toppings all contain 4.8 percent alcohol. We also make two non-alcoholic sauces, Chocolate Belgian Fudge and Salted Caramel. Our dessert toppings are intended to turn the ordinary dessert into the extraordinary. Simply pour or spoon a little over ice cream, cheesecake or fresh fruit and enjoy.”

Well, that I did. I invited my sister over to help me out with a little taste test and we both agreed that this was something very special indeed. My favorite was the Chocolate Raspberry Liqueur Sauce, which was fresh, fruity, and oh so deliciously smooth and bright over plain vanilla ice cream, while hers was the Salted Caramel, which was a perfect balance of sweet and salty goodness. It was really fun to try these flavor combinations that were interesting, unexpected and absolutely mouthwatering!