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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Editor’s Choice: Seely Mint

There’s nothing more refreshing than the cool, crisp taste of mint. When I sampled a Seely Mint Patty, I was amazed at the fresh and clean flavors of this patty compared to others I have tried. And the reason, I think, goes back to the history of the Seely family farm. Located in Clastskanie, Oregon, it grows, harvests and prepares the highest quality peppermint and spearmint oils in a secluded valley nestled between the coast range and the Columbia River.

It’s the combination of the mild coastal climate and dark river bottom soil that produces a sweeter, smoother mint of premium quality and flavor. The family also harvests only once each summer when the mint flavor components are at their optimum levels.

The outside of the patty has a luscious coating of Belgian bittersweet chocolate and the mint inside is a rich, thick filling that counter balances perfectly. I also found the generous size of the mint patty to be very satisfying.