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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Editor's Pick: Gaea Olive Oil

I’ve recently been noticing something whenever I’m cooking: I care—no—I really care about using good olive oil. It makes the final dish taste better; from boiling pasta to baking Brussels sprouts and potatoes, I’ve noticed the type of oil I use has a dramatic affect on the final product. As Homer referred to it in The Odyssey, this stuff really is liquid gold. Of all the varieties of olive oil resting on my lazy Susan, Gaea’s is currently being utilized most. The Gaea Fresh bottle alone solves olive oil’s three enemies—heat, oxygen and light—which is perfect for extended kitchen life. The Sparta variety of extra virgin olive oil is harmoniously balanced and obtained directly from handpicked olives of the Lakonia region, and is my current go-to.
The line was unveiled this past June at the New York Fancy Food show and I haven’t been able to get enough of it since. From Kalmata to Sitia, there’s a different flavor to suit all of my cooking needs.

I once read that Gaea means Mother Earth, which is fitting because the Ancient Greeks worshipped their land’s natural products—none more than the olive tree. While Gaea hasn’t been around as long as Greek civilization, it has been serving international markets since 1995. The company was founded upon the finding that Greek agricultural food products are inherently high in quality, but low in international representation. So the company harvested the traditional way and sent it across the seas to our local markets.