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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Editor's Pick: Maple Hollow

With rounded edges and a beautifully spherical handle, this glass bottle houses more than just a pancake topper. Pure, tree-tapped maple syrup is arguable nature’s sweetest gift, and believe me, this isn’t your supermarket squeeze bottle.

Tapped right in Wisconsin when winter turns to spring, the third generation company at Maple Hollow has been making quality maple products since 1889. 

From its nutty, vanilla, or floral flavors to hints of coffee and even spice, real maple syrup is just that—real. And as an avid eater—who isn’t?—it’s incredibly easy to spot an imposter with just one bite.

Maple Hollow’s New Cinnamon Maple Syrup was just the choice for a crunchy French toast I’ve been a bit obsessed with lately. (There’s an entire stick of cinnamon in the infused bottle by the way). Although I’m typically heavy handed in the cinnamon I add to the egg batter, I was clearly able to hold out this time. Sweet and spicy, the syrup does all the work for you.

In a flat dish, I whisk up three eggs, the cinnamon maple syrup, cardamom and a hint of vanilla extract, vanilla bean if available. Add milk and half and half until the mixture looks a bit foamy. I use King’s Hawaiian bread here, and I’ll never go back. Pull it from the loaf or rip those mini buns in half for bite size French toast pieces. Dip, let soak and press one side of the bread gently into a corn-flake mixture. You could also use maple or vanilla-flavored cereals here. Place on a skillet and cook through.

Top it with butter, some super thin slices of apple or a handful of blackberries. Add a bit more Maple Hollow Cinnamon Syrup on top, and call it a day.