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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Editor’s Pick: Just Cook Foods

By way of the seasoning blend, one kitchen can take a trip around the world in the span of 7 days. One week of easy-to-prepare meals are twisted, uprooted, changed and variabled in every which way through the spice blends and rubs of the world. What was one day a Southern Indian-inspired chicken dish with curry flavors is a smoky Texas-barbecue inspired chicken dish of the ancho-chili variety the next. But what makes one line of spice blends different than the rest? At Just Cook Foods, I found out one night surrounding my stove, a modern spin is put on traditional spices—from herbed coffee rubs to a mole influenced taco rub, an elaborate dinner party for one was awaiting. This night’s dinner would be of the Spanish variety.

Your typical taco night blend is one that might not set off any sparks—the packets of seasoning for ground beef and taco Tuesdays tend to be pretty dull, and I find myself mixing and matching my own. Twist off the top of the Just Cook Taco Night Blend, influence by the kick of traditional mole flavors, and your eyes will open wide. The traditional flavors of chile powder and cumin combine here with a twist of chocolate, nutmeg and cinnamon and add tremendous flavor to chicken, turkey, ground beef and more. Or seriously consider the power of this spice blend on your average vegetable—it’s a stress free way to add impressive flavor with little fuss.

The Any Day Chicken Blend is another that I’d stock my pantry with. Bursts of orange. A hint of cardamom, and accents of lavender and sage add personality and a modern touch to a chicken dish that might otherwise find itself on the basic scale. I roasted chicken with grape tomatoes, potatoes and sprig vegetables, and the dish was something I could eat every day.