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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Peanut Butter Wings

OK, there’s no healthy spin on this one; I’ve tried, it’s impossible. 
You need embrace Peanut Butter Wings with the full, intentional notion that this is your indulgence, your reward for a hard day’s work, your blissful moment of splendor. And when you take that first bite, it’s everything I just said and more. 
A ruffled salty potato chip slathered with gobs of creamy peanut butter and then dipped in milk chocolate. Need I say more? I think not. 
And they don’t go easy on the peanut butter, either. It’s a fantastically rich experience that make your eyes pop out a little when you realize what you’ve gotten yourself into. Half way through one chip and I melted; all the stresses of the day faded and it was just me and my Wings for a blissful 2 minutes. Then I sinned: I got up to have another. So that’s 4 minutes. OK, and then another. Count ‘em, 6 minutes of true bliss and then vowing to walk an extra block tomorrow.                                             
These things are unique, and they’re fun! I gave the rest to my mom, for fear I might eat the whole box one night, and she was an instant fan as well. “It’s a potato chip!” she exclaimed. “How clever!” She said she's like to see a caramel version. I'd, personally, like to taste more salt; but then again, no one is complaining here. 
The Peanut Butter Wings come in an 8-ounce box that’s more narrow on the bottom yet stands up on its own. It’s bright red colors and picture of the familiar potato chip wrapped in peanut butter and chocolate screams “I’m a fun gift for anyone, any occasion!” It’s definitely a memorable gift, too, because it’s so unique; I haven’t seen anything like them. And I keep going back to that potato chip - it’s genius; it’s a different take on something that everyone knows and everyone loves. 
The Wings come in a full case of 18 retail-ready containers or a half case of nine. They’re produced by - what goes better with wings? - the Chocolate Pizza Company, and owner Ryan Novak says they’re an instant traffic-driver to his retail store. Customers become instant fans, he said, and they just have to share the novelty snack with their friends. 
The company is most notably known for its candy-topped gourmet chocolate pizzas - they are 16 ounces of a rich milk and dark chocolate blend with add-ons like English toffee and served in a customer pizza box. They are truly unique gifts, of course, and are sold wholesale with four pizzas to a corrugated retail-ready case. But, he says, people often come into his retail store to specifically ask about the Wings (and, obviously, to buy two or three).
“The Wings are a very unique gift item that creates an almost instant customer fan club,” he said. 
Novak bought the Chocolate Pizza Company in 2010 at the age of 21, and he has quadrupled sales since then. Now his wholesale division caters to more than 6,000 stores nationwide.  
The Food Network made both the Chocolate Pizza Co. and its Peanut Butter Wings famous when they featured the product on the hit show, “Unwrapped” as a unique, delicious and impressive gift idea. That paved the way for the construction of a brand-new 10,000-square-foot production and retail facility to handle its explosive growth.
“In five years, we have gone from a small-town chocolate shop to an emerging national brand,” Novak said. “You can get a nice background on our company and backstory on my rise from dishwasher to owner on our website (click here). I also had a piece published in last year (click here).” Fore more information, visit