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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Editor's Choice: Paladini Seafood Sauces

Several months ago, Achille Paladini of the Paladini Seafood Sauces Company sent samples of his Cioppino and Pasta Sauce to the office, and I took a jar home. My wife and I were so impressed that I ordered a whole case from the company (at full retail!). Why? What made this a standout in my opinion?

First off, it is not thin and watery like many other sauces, and thick is a winner on my plate, especially with pasta. The seasonings are there—tomato, basil, oregano and more—blended to a delicious harmony that gives the sauce a lot of flavor. There are some chili flakes in there as well, which gives a little tang to the sauce, but doesn't make it "hot."

Another aspect of the sauce that I liked is its versatility. We used it first as a spaghetti sauce, but then used it over baked chicken, and again over baked fish. The sauce really adds a lot to plain fish or chicken, and not only in flavor but also in presentation. Creative cooks can have a field day with this sauce, using it in lasagna, eggplant dishes, and of course with a wide variety of pastas.

Check out their website for other products and a few recipes;

-John Saxtan, editorial director