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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Editor's Choice: Sulpice Chocolat

One of the many benefits of editing a gourmet food publication is the chocolate. We receive our fair share of chocolate samples in every form, packaging and shape you can think of. And not just any chocolate: high-end, gourmet products that make chocolate snobs like me weak in the knees.

Sulpice Chocolat picked the perfect week to send us a box of samples. It happened to be a week full of deadlines, impending projects and rather busy schedules, so taking a moment to myself for a quick chocolate break was much-needed. I chose the Pistache flavor, which incorporates cardamom, orange essence and toasted pistachios into a chocolate bar packed with 55-percent dark chocolate. (A perfect ratio, if you ask me.) The flavors blended beautifully, and had I not shared this little gem with the other editors, I could have easily scarfed down the entire bar and been left wanting more.

Paired with a cup of hot tea or coffee, enjoying a gourmet chocolate bar from Sulpice makes the perfect wind-down treat. And trust us, it won't hurt to stash a bar or two in the office for a busy day treat.